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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: the secretary of state on threats to america. nuclear and cyber. do you think the chinese and/or the russians are reading your e-mails? also tonight, jeb bush blames hillary clinton for the rise of isis, and trump declares himself not just a winner but a whiner. >> i keep whining and whining until i win. >> pelley: severe weather from floods to dust storms. and firefighters battling wildfires face a new threat-- drones. >> it could have catastrophic consequences. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: secretary of state johjohn kerry said today it is, "very likely" his e-mails are being read by the chinese and russian governments and he
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writes his e-mails with that in mind. his comments suggest that confidence in security has been shaken at the highest levels after relentless hacking of federal computers. do you think the chinese and/or the russians are reading your e-mails? >> well, we know that the the, unfortunately, we're living in a world where a number of countries, the chinese and russians included, have consistently been engaged in cyber attacks against american interests, against the american government, and it's an issue that we recently raised very, very strongly in our dialogue with the chinese. the answer is, it is very like likely. it is not without-- outside the realm of possibility and we know they have attacked a number of american interests over the course of the last days. >> pelley: it's very likely that your e-mails are being read? >> it's very possible. there's no way for me-- and i certainly write things with that
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awareness. >> pelley: with all of the attacks that have come, apparently, from china on the the u.s. government, there is a sense that the united states is unable to defend itself in the cyber world. how much concern should we have. >> well, the cyber world, as you know, scott, is a very complicated and fast-moving world. we are deeply involved in fighting back against this on a daily basis but right now it's pretty-- it's pretty much the wild west so to speak. >> pelley: and it is a gunfight. in july, the unclassified e-mail of the nation's top military officers, the joint chiefs of staff, was penetrated. 22 million federal workers lost their private information when the federal office of personnel management was cleaned out, probably by china. and white house unclassified e-mail was pilfered in a suspected russian hack. a little later, we'll hear secretary kerry's honest assessment of america's war against isis, and why he believes the iran nuclear deal
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is essential to peace. hackers have also discovered a new way to swindle wall street. five people were arrested in several u.s. cities today, and anna werner is on the story. >> reporter: federal officials say the sophisticated scheme involved illegally accessing confidential corporate announcements that had not yet been made public. paul fishman is the u.s. attorney for the district of new jersey. >> we're here to announce criminal and civil charges in a broad-range, cutting edge, international scheme at the intersection of hacking and securities fraud. >> reporter: here's an example of how the hackers worked. in 2013, panera bread sent an announcement about its third quarter earnings to a news distribution service. investigators say the group stole that information, then traded some 75,000 shares of panera's stock before the news was released to the rest of the world, making $900,000 in an hour and 15 minutes.
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prosecutors say the hackers used similar inside information more than 800 times. >> cyber criminals are relentless, tireless, and patient. and so they will constantly keep attacking individual computer networks if they're ones that they want to penetrate. >> reporter: authorities say the illegal network made $100 million over five years. some of those indicted were current or former wall street traders who created shopping lists for the hackers. the hackers allegedly stole confidential announcements from companies include caterpillar, hewlett-packard, home depot and verisign. those indicted come from the u.s. and the ukraine. scott, in the u.s., authorities seized $6.5 million in cash, plus 15 properties, including a house boat, shopping center, and an apartment complex. >> pelley: anna werner for us tonight. anna, thank you. in ferguson, missouri, 22 more people were arrested overnight during protests marking the anniversary of the fatal police shooting of michael brown.
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in the protests sunday, officers shot tyrone harris, and in a video released today, harris is seen carrying a gun, running toward the police. a new poll shows donald trump holding the lead among republicans in iowa, 25 weeks before iowans go to the caucuses. next are walker, rubio, and carson. they're followed by cru cruz, fiorina, bush and kasich. trump hit the campaign trail in the midwest, and major garrett is with him. >> reporter: the sign said it all. a crowd of nearly 2500 lined up in saginaw, michigan for donald trump's first campaign appearance since last week's debate. earlier, the g.o.p. front-runner told cnn that true lerds whine. >> i am the most fabulous whiner, and i'm a whiner and i keep whining and whining until i win. >> reporter: trump continues to be pressed about his positions on women's issues and was asked about pay equity. he called the topic complicated. >> the concept of it i love.
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i just don't want it to be a negative where everybody ends up making the same pay because that's not our system. >> reporter: despite leading in the polls, trump received mixed reviews for his debate performance. 55% of iowa republicans said they were less comfortable with trump after watching the debate. in new hampshire, 41% of republicans said they supported trump's ideas but did not think he had the temperament to be president. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush argues he does have that temperament. in a speak tonight at the reagan presidential library, bush will lay out his foreign policy docket rip. expoording to excerpts he will blame hillary clinton for the rise of isis in iraq saying: the clinton campaign accused bush of rewriting history in iraq. as for trump, he continues to
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flirt with the idea of a third party campaign if if he doesn't secure the republican nomination, but, scott, few in this capacity ground crowd, which began gathering four hours ago, appear to mind. >> pelley: major garrett on the campaign trail. major, thanks. late today, we learned that the intelligence community inspector general has found that two e-mails on hillary clinton's private server should have been classified top secret. the inspector general had early revealed that at least four e-mails contained classified information. top secret is one of the highest security classifications, although the e-mails were not classified at the time they were created. flash floods couldrce some to higher ground in colorado tonight. look at the downpours yesterday that washed away these cars in colorado spring. nobody was hurt. carl parker of the weather channel is track these storms for us tonight. carl, what's next? >> scott, this flood was caused
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not only by heavy rain but also by a fire which occurred more than three years ago in this location. and there's the video of this wall of muddy water coming down across man tue springs, a sleepy down of 5,000. it swept away cars, and buildings. the waldo canyon fire in june of 2012 left a very large burn area. that burn scar continues to lack vegetation today, so when heavy rain falls on that area, there's really nothing to absorb all that water. that's exactly what happened yesterday. rain began to come down around 11:15 mountain time, got much, much heavier by the middle of the day, and then it quickly moved out, but the damage had been done. all that heavy rain running down through those mountains causing that flash flood. we are still seeing should wet weather in the area today. there's a general area of moisture coming around high pressure centered in the southern plains. that high is going to expand over the next couple of days,
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and that will slightly bring down the chances of heavy rain there in colorado. scott, back to you. >> pelley: carl parker of the weather channel. thanks very much. 60-mile-an-hour winds blew a huge dust storm into phoenix today. it darkened the sky before an inch of rain fell in just 30 minutes. flights were diverted and thousands lost power. the pentagon's first attempt to train syrian rebels to fight isis was what one official called an "abject failure." most of the 54 fighters are dead, captured or missing. another 600, who passed the u.s. vetting process, have dropped out. holly williams found out one reason why. >> reporter: america's hopes of defeating isis in syria depend on fighters like abu suleyman and abu yazen, battle-hardened 22-year-olds, both too frightened to show their faces because their parents still live under isis rule. in april, along with other
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fighters from their brigade of so-called moderate rebels, they signed up for u.s.-funded training, but after completing the program and receiving their first $500 in pay, they quit. "we felt betrayed," said abu suleyman. "about halfway through, we realized the trainers only wanted us to fight against isis and not the syrian regime." both men told us they'd risked their lives battling isis, but like many rebels, they believe the bigger enemy is the syrian government, which continues to bomb its own people. the 54 who completed the training and returned to the war zone were quickly attacked by an al qaeda-linked group. captain ammar al wawi is an officer in the division to which the 54 belonged and told us five
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were killed and 13 captured. what went wrong? "they had no protection from the air, and they were surrounded by terrorists, "he told us. "they should have waited until they at least had 200 men so they could defend themselves." captain al wawi told us the u.s.-funded training is progressing so slowly that, scott, at this rate, building a 15,000-strong army will take more than 30 years. >> pelley: holly williams reporting for us tonight from istanbul. hole, thank you. and we spoke to secretary of state kerry about the troubled fight against isis, which the u.s. government calls isil. >> this is tough. and, obviously, it didn't go well. i think it's admirable that they've admitted that it wasn't what they wanted it to be. there are-- you know, the complexity of that battlefield cannot be overstated. so i think the numbers of
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different people, who's turning on who, and it underscores the complicated fight against dash, isil. >> pelley: is the war against isil fighting? >> absolutely. >> pelley: then why isn't is worth fighting decisively. >> i think the question is who is going to make that decisive difference. the president has decided, and i think proposely, that american forces are not the ones best suited to be able to take that fight at the moment and it is not in the best interest of our country. >> pelley: secretary kerry is campaigning for the nuclear deal that he struck with the iranian foreign minister. iran agreed to dismantle most of its nuclear program in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. >> we're not asking anybody to trust iran. iran doesn't trust us. we don't yet trust them. and who knows what the future brings. so this agreement is built on real-time verification now. iran, in order to get any sanctions relief, has to reduce
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its program very significantly. it has to destroy its core reactor at its plutonium heavy water reactor. it has to take all of its enrichment out of other facilities. it has to hold its program back to 300 kilograms of stockpile of low-enriched material for 15 years. we are convinced, through our intelligence community and through our energy department, which is responsible for nuclear weaponry, that we will know what iran is doing. >> pelley: one of the key criticisms of the agreement is a provision that allows the possibility of up to 24 days before international inspectors would be allowed in to an iranian undeclared nuclear site. let me show you what prime minister benjamin netanyahu told us about that. >> sure. >> in fact, you have to give them not 24 hours notice inspecting the suspect site, but 24 days' notice.
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now, you can imagine your drug dealer and somebody tells you i want to inspect your premises. that's a lot of time, 24 days, to flush a lot of meth down the toilet. >> pelley: your reaction? >> well, my reaction is, with all due respect, nuclear material is not like drugs. you can't flush it down the toilet. you can't get rid of nuclear material that way. it lasts for hundreds, thousands of years. >> pelley: they cannot build a nuclear weapon over the next 10 years in this agreement. >> no, they cannot, not possibly under this agreement. >> pelley: secretary of state john kerry, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. >> pelley: in a surprise move today, china lowered the value of its currency by 2% to try to boost exports. concern about a weakening chinese economy led to a sharp drop in u.s. stocks. the dow lost more than 200 point, the s&p 500 was down 20. oil prices then fell to the lowest price in six years, just
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hours and was approaching his max duty time of 14 hours on the job. dennis collins is an n.t.s.b. accident investigator. >> this crash demonstrates the potential consequences of even one poor decision regarding fatigue. >> reporter: roper had worked for walmart for just 15 weeks but his driving had already generated nine automated warnings from the truck's onaboard computer. he's now facing criminal charges. the n.t.s.b. has now renewed its call for mandated fatigue monitoring and management programs. this follows efforts by congress and the trucking industry to roll back strict rest rules for truck drivers. bill graves runs the american trucking association. >> it's difficult to monitor the behavior of people in their off-duty hours. we very much stupt hours of service and proper monitoring of people adhearing to those hours. >> reporter: scott, walmart says it's increased training and is implementing a fatigue-management system that factors in the driver's commute to work. >> pelley: kris, thanks. a fascinating recording of
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> pelley: there was a terrible crash in the tour of utah bike race. >> whoa! >> pelley: that was matt brammeyer of ireland who was flying into a turn on sunday where he hit that pace car. two other riders hit a motorcycle. they're okay, but brammeyer broke some bones. tonight we have the first known recording of martin luther king jr. delivering an early version of his "i have a dream "speech. a north carolina state university professor discovered it in a library. not conscious of the color that's in, but only conscious of
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the fact that they are members of the humanerate. >> pelley: king in november 1962 in rocky mount, north carolina, eight months before the famous address at the lincoln memorial in washington. up next, drawn to flames like moths, drones are interfering with firefighting.
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6:57 pm
of last year. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: as dangerous as wildfires can be, drone pilots have been drawn to them. photographer jeff hall guided his drone to capture images of a huge plume of smoke rising in northern california. for pilots of firefighting aircraft, drones have become another hazard in an already-risky business. imagine suddenly seeing something like this heading straight at your helicopter. >> i saw it come right by my wind screen to the right. >> reporter: pilot jeff thrasher had a near-miss with a drone in a fire last year. a drone weighs just a few pounds. it's sort of this big. your helicopter is a pretty good size. could it do you any harm? >> absolutely. if a drone like that were to go into a tail rotor or main rotor system, it could have catastrophic consequences. >> reporter: cal fire has launched a campaign urging drone pilots it stay away, and there are growing demand for drone
6:58 pm
regulations. nasa is developing an air traffic control system for a day when drones are as common as cars. nasa scientist parimal kopardekar. >> there could be a future where every home could have a drone and every home could serve as an airport. >> sean suitter's company, micro avionics, has developed technology that could make every drone identifiable. >> you would know miles in advance that it was approaching. >> reporter: and who it belonged to. >> and who it belonged to. >> reporter: for now, drones operate largely without controls, but firefighters in upstate new york found a way to let a drone pilot know it wasn't welcome. john blackstone, cbs news, tehama county, california. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh media access group at wgbh
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how excited are you? >> yeah, got a big smile on your face. >> ben affleck's big night. making his first public appearance since nannygate and tom brady is getting dragged into the scandal. >> why is the nanny wearing tom's super bowl ring? jetted to vegas with the nanny before ben announced his split and you have to see her new convertible lexus. and then -- >> tell me everything about jen's wedding. >> were jen ster friends not invited to see her i dos? >> i was surprised. i didn't know about it. kim k. naked and not afraid. why she instagrammed this crazy selfie. >> full figured lingerie model fights to free the curves. >> i'm a 36 triple d. the man from "straight outta compton," only "e.t." talked to dr. dre.


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